Giving Back to Our Community

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we recognize that everyone, including us, are suffering economic hardship.
During this time we're offering access to all our classes for Auditors on a Pay-What-You-Feel basis.

We would ask that auditors consider helping us and supporting our efforts by making your Pay-What-You-Feel payment here:

To get access to audit our classes, please fill out the form here and we'll email you the schedule as well as login details.

Take care and be well! Thank you for your support.


Get Access to Audit Classes
(Pay What You Feel)

Since 2010, over 9000 dogs (and their families!) have taken classes with us.

“We had an absolutely fantastic experience here. When we adopted our dog, Corky, a few months ago, she didn’t even know her name and didn’t know any commands. By the end of the Foundations Skill classes she knows a ton – how to sit, lay down and even go to bed! Most of all, the trainers gave us the skills and knowledge to train Corky on an ongoing basis. The trainers are awesome and always give individual feedback about your dog. Corky had a blast going to class.”

Lauren R.