Separation Anxiety 101 Webinar Replay

Does your dog bark or howl non-stop, pace, whine, drool, chew, dig, destroy, or urinate or defecate when left home alone (even though they're perfectly housetrained and non-destructive when people are home)? Your dog probably has Separation Anxiety (technically called Isolation Distress)

In this 1.5 hour webinar, Rachael Johnston will go over key principles such as how to identify if your dog has separation anxiety, the key elements of a separation anxiety behaviour modification plan, and what tools and adjunct treatments can help

Normally, we only deliver this content in our 1-on-1 private consultation lessons that bill at over $100 per hour, but we've decided to make this available for FREE to anyone - just fill out the form to be emailed a link to view the webinar.

Separation Anxiety 101
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Since 2010, over 9000 dogs (and their families!) have taken classes with us.

"Rachael is really a lifesaver. She's been so great, she's known Jasper since puppyhood, so it was nice to have that continuity.

It feels lifesaving, because whether it's my life or his, or our relationship together, there was a point where I really thought he had to go somewhere else, and that I couldn't handle this anymore. 

There were times I was in a really terrible place, and she was just really encouraging and courageous in challenging advice someone else gave me, and she stood up for the process. And she was totally right. We've had a complete breakthrough.

It has been a huge gift."

- Jennifer Harris